Wednesday, 20 February 2013

My Design Diary

Just a small post about me for anyone who cares. I was so excited about my new hobby that I thought i'd blog about it. Last weekend I got my very own sewing machine, kindly given by my nan. It was a very cute moment her showing me how to use it. Im still waiting for some bits and bobs to arrive so I can start sewing and get making some clothes. Today I went to my fabric shop to get something for my dress in school and also to get some fabric for myself. I walked in and in the  basket with 1m off-sets I saw this stunning fabric which is like a velvety lace, I loved the feel of it I just had to buy it. There's enough to make a small top or sleeves to a dress, or a skirt come to think it. There was also the cutest patchwork print fabric which im going to make a dress out of. So expect some dress-making post in the next couple of weeks.
I thought i'd post a picture of my fashion design I did yesterday. Im not gonna lie it looks pretty good considering a couple of months ago I was using templates to draw rather than free-hand. Anyway thats me, i'm super excited and cant get to start making.
So Picked up any new hobbies? Do you do sewing?

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  1. I always wanted to pick up sewing but I still think I need a push lol, xoxo. Well done on your new hobby :)