Sunday, 17 February 2013

Avon colourtrend


Ok so another new Avon product I bought is this ColourTrends lipstick in the shade coral you. This is like a lipstick crayon. First the texture is a bit like a make up crayon so not like a glossy lipstick so its different to the usual texture. I usually wear a dark brown colours so this shade was a bit weird and for whatever reason made me look darker. Its easy to apply as the tip is thinner than the thick sticks of lipstick. What i've come across is the 'non retractable' feature which personally is stupid and pointless. Its just comes naturally that you twist the whole thing out so to not be able to twist it back down it annoying and messy considering I didn't see that note till later but oh well. If you use it with your fingers it actually comes out nicer as you can blend it in and not too much goes onto your lips. It smells really nice, quite sweet smelling even from your lips. I will use this product again and experiment with it but because of the texture (and the stupidness of not being able to twist it down) I dont think I would buy iy.
So I will give this product a 6/10 

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