Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Update on my life

 Ok so just a short post to update you on my life at the moment. It is fashion related so it wont be completely boring. At the end of this year I would of been going to university but because of a change of heart I'm going in a different route and going to do an apprenticeship. Its where you work and learn on the job where they pay you rather than you paying £9000 a year to learn. I found it more appealing to me just because I felt it would be more of a hands on experience and you get to work with people who's already made it into the industry. Today I went to an apprenticeship open day at University of East London where they try and set you up with someone you'd want to work for. It was just filling forms and telling them about you. The next part of the day they asked us to pattern cut, for those of you who dont know thats where you make a template for a garment you go on and make. I didn't know how to do that so I learnt how to. This was really cool as its something they dont teach in school and I wanted to know. Because I know how to do this I can start to make my own clothes. I went for the smart cheetah print look today with my cheetah print lace dress, nails and head scarf. Please do ask me anything about it I will try and answer your questions.

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