Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Nailene Ultra Adhesive Tabs

Ok so with the excitement of having 4 reviews in one last I forgot about this one. I got these for my birthday as I wanted to use my impress nails again but the stickiness was wearing away. They are really easy to use, because of the clear film their on you can see where the tabs are going. The plastic on top of the tab is easy to remove its just a matter of bending the film and it peels off. Again having the clear film (the plastic that holds the tabs) and flexible you can put in on where you want and press it on the film. Then with a bit of a rub it comes off and your good to use it. Hopefully that all makes sense but basically what im trying to say is that its really easy to use. I've been using it for longer than 8 days which is really good as still there's no sign of them coming off. You get 24 in the pack and a pack is £2.59 at the moment in super drug. 
So you ever used stick on nails?

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