Thursday, 17 May 2012

caviar manicure

I was looking on tumblr and saw a picture of these. I thought they were extremely cool,
they were sophisticated and very decorative. Its not something that you see everyday.
They came about when Ciate's creative designer wanted to create 3Dimentional nails
for a photo shoot. They were so beautiful that she created a set for you to create that look
yourself. I check out the website and they have a set of 3 different colours. They have
 "mother of pearl", "black pearls" and "rainbow", i actually love them all they all create
different looks. The set that they sell contains one pot of the beads and then one pot of
a base colour; but to be honest you could use another coloured base with the different
 beads. I think they are so cute as they look like sprinkles. They would look amazing
for a party or a wedding.
On the website the set is for £18.00, which is quite pricey but they look amaizing and
 look very glamorous and sophisticated.

Ciate website:

Becasue im nice, here is a link where you can get it cheaper:

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