Sunday, 20 May 2012

For my birthday I got this really nice blue bracelet and it was so nice that I thought I'd buy some and do a giveaway. Ones blue and ones purple (as you can see). it's a stretchy bracelet so it should fit anyone. They are made with my favourite Swarovski beads which mean they sparkle in the sun like crazy.

To make this interesting i thought that id'e make it into a competition, all you have to do is design a crop corset. I've done a template so all you have to do is print it off and get designing. I know some of you are probably thinking great i can't draw how am i going to do this well just try and have a go, what else you can do is design it using Photoshop/computer software. There's no limits to the designing part you can draw or use a computer. Remember i will judge the design idea not how professional it looks. If i have missed out anything just post a comment below. There will be 2 winners i will pick from.

Post you entries (1 per person please) to: (my email from when i was 12, don't judge) Along with you're name and email address. This competition is only open to people in the uk.
Hope you have fun designing and tell your friends, Good Luck to everyone.
Oh yeah and competition closes on 3rd june 11th at 12:00am. 


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  1. i sent you an email! i love the blue bracelet! so cute