Thursday, 31 May 2012

My Fashion Icon

Stooshe is one of those fashion icons that are just amazing. You can tell they are a fun, loud bunch of girls by what they wear. I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't dare some of the thing they wear if I had confidence. Fashion is about making a statement and this is what they do. What I love about them as fashion icons is that even though they all have quirky sense of style they have their own individual stamp on their outfits. Why I love them as fashion icons is because they are fun with their outfits. They were crazy, bright and very patterned outfits which I personally love. Alexandra and Karis are the two more girly ones, wearing blinding patterned dresses. I think out of all of them I would most likely be seen wearing something that Alexandra would wear. Whereas Kourtney is the tom-boy of the group, which even as sort of girly girl I love. Even with her tom-boy style she adds that bit of girlyness with the bright colours and patterns. These amazing girls get heads turning even before opening their mouths to talk or sing. They're not so much someone I get inspired by but someone who I idolise for putting their stamp in fashion. I love all their outfits they've put together, I love the colours and patterns. They've brought back thats 1980's feel with a very modern twist. I love what they wear, just not on me... well not everything. I look forward to seeing pictures of them on the red carpet because I know they'll look amazing. They are my amazing, quirky fun fashion icons.

Stooshe Stooshe attending the UK Premiere of "Avengers Assemble" held at Westfield Vue cinema in London. 

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