Thursday, 17 May 2012

Jeffrey Campbell's designed by me

Today I came up with the idea of designing a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes which are awesome. This was done by getting a Jeffrey Campbell shoe onto Photoshop and then deleting the inside design to get an outline.  I then drew on the outline to make it thicker and able to select the middle section. I selected the middle and then started playing around as you can see. I then pasted a picture of the same Jeffrey Campbell shoe on-top of the design, then rubbed it out but minimizing the opacity so you could see the pattern that i designed and the structure of the shoe. This was basically it, it was really fun and a simpler way of designing. At the top is an outline of the Jeffrey Campbell shoe if you want to click and print out. Not going to lie I think they all look amazing but my favourite one is the last one, the jigsaw cheetah print one. This has given me the idea to experiment with other pieces of clothes even nails. I'm not the best at Photoshop so this is the best i could do.
What one is your favourite? (dont have to have an account to comment btw)
Maybe you could have a go at designing your own pair.


  1. This is such a cool and creative idea ! Love it ! I am a huge fan of JC shoes, especially Litas, I own three pair of those and your designs are pretty, I'd totally buy the first one, it's gorgeous ! Well done :)
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  2. I love all of them, where did you purchase your Photoshop software?

    1. Thank you, I had photoshop already installed on the computer. But you could google 'photoshop' to get the website :)