Saturday, 5 May 2012



I really like sparkly dress, it may seem a bit tacky to some people but i love them.
I like how in this picture the model has paired it will a lovely pair or pink platforms. 
I would add some pink accessories to make the outfit more fun and colourful. 
This dress is £32.99.

I love this skirt for two reasons, one because i love the fabric that its made of which is chiffon. The chiffon creates this really pretty and floaty look .I also love this skirt because of how its cut, its  has a dipped hem which means its long at the back and short at the front which again makes the look really girly. Chiffon skirts are in this season so i need to go and get one.  To be honest you could pair this with any top, to create a certain look. The platforms looks great with this look. This stunning skirt is £14.99.

I quite like maxi dress and this style of maxi dresses are quite nice, there's something i like about the shape of it. I really like the colour of the dress too, pastels are another top trend this summer. This is a simple dress so i would pair it with a cropped denim jacket and some chunky bangles. The white shoes really creates that summer feel. This dress is only £12.99.

How cute is this slouchy cardigan. I quite like baggy jumpers, they feel really comfy and looks really cute. This one is knitted so its that much cuter, and then there's the pastel colour of the cardigan. This is a cardigan i would wear over a t-shirt and a pair of jeans , or even a white summer dress. This cute cardigan is £23.99

Check out the website : 
They got lovely pastel colour garments. 

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