Tuesday, 28 February 2012

This spring/summer trend this year i think will be pastels but also Aztec prints. These two trends to me i think will look great especially with the sun shining (even in England) and the happy relaxed atmosphere around everywhere. I did a bit of research and found some cute looking outfits that will look great this spring/summer.

This a purple short sleeve blouse i found on http://www.selectfashion.co.uk . This would be great in the summer, not only would the colour be a top trend in the summer but the fabric is nice and thin so you'll be fashionably cool. The bow detail at the front of the blouse gives it that cute girly look to it. This lovely blouse doesn't need alot to make into an outfit, i would pair it up with a white shirt or a pain of white jeans. Simple yet very cute.

This is a candy pink coloured gilet which i think is quite cute and girly. I love the colour of this gilet its not so much in your face. Pastels are very subtle and soft and so i would pair it with a white t-shirt and blue jeans. The pink can go with lots of colours but be careful not to pair it with anything to bold and bright.
you can find it on the select website 

This stunning dress is from http://www.missguided.co.uk/selema-aztec-print-bodycon-dress-2 . This cleverly mixes two top summer trends and i think it looks great. I like the colour choice in the dress, the pink purple and blacks works so well together. Its really summery and will add that bit of colour and pattern to your day. This look would look killer hot with a pair of black or even pastel pink platforms.

This Aztec dress is also from http://www.missguided.co.uk/britta-tribal-print-bodycon-dress-2   I love how this dress i full of pattern and is just black and white. This Aztec print dress is quite daring and i would day for someone with a bit of a big personality as this dress will defiantly turn some heads. This dress is crazy but i love it. I would pair this with some black killer heels, but saying that because this dress is just black and white adding spots of colours in your accessories will add that aspect of even more fun and personality.

I've looked at dresses and shirts and so now lets look at shorts. There are a few styles of shorts, different lengths and different colours but i quite like the look of these shorts. I really like the soft pink colour of these shorts they are very summery looking. Theses shorts are 64% cotton so they are far more cooler than jean shorts. People want to look good as well as keep cool without looking trashy and i think these shorts do the job. These are very cute and i would pair with a floaty shirt. It will be summer but also pairing them with white long socks will add that even more cute factor.


This is my first fashion post and i hope you have found my fashion buys interesting. You might not like the choices i have put up but you can also check out the websites i have put up so go check them out. These garments are what i think will look great in the summer season. Hope you like my post.
Thank you for reading

zainab x

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