Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Barry M Vs. Primark

Yes, I am back to the blogging world after just not feeling it for a couple of months. But that only means a bombarding load of reviews, buys and other posts. So I though i'd comeback with a review of two products, Barry M's glitter dust (4,silver) and Primarks glitter eye shadow palette. So I went out in search of a decently priced  glitter eye shadow and stumbled upon Primarks glitter palette which was £2 so I thought I might aswell try it out. The box contains 10 different coloured glitter gel based eye shadow  which just means the gel helps the glitter to stay in place. I think the range of colours are just stunning. The colour that im trying in the picture is gold dust which probably wasn't the best colour to use as im reviewing it and taking pictures of it. I have to apologize for the pictures, it was hard to get a picture that showed the eye shadows well. Because it is gel based it you don't get as much glitter on the eye-lids but that necessarily isn't a bad thing. But then again i didn't use to much when trying it out for this review. I think if you were to use half of one colour on one eye it would be more glittery. I found with this product that it did create crease lines but there's only so much you can do. Compared to the Barry M glitter dust is doesn't make any mess which is really good. If you want a subtle glitter eye make up this will work well. For £2 I think this product is fab and I would recommend it to people new to glitter. Now to Barry M glitter dust in pale silver(4) which is £4.59 at superdrugs. At first I thought the price was a bit much for this pot of glitter but then after some thinking it seemed good, considering how much you actually use at a time. In the picture I only put a bit on my finger once and that's how much it came out. Because this product is just glitter based your going to get more glitter on your eyelids which is a good thing. The only thing is it just gets all over your face/hands/eyelashes which is a bit annoying. As you can see it is really sparkly just as it says on the lid. I really liked this colour, its very bold which is what I wanted. As you may know it comes in a range of beautiful colors. Overall I like both products, they both have pros and cons but the pros over way the cons for me. 

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think of them?

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