Thursday, 2 August 2012

Polymer clay bits

I've been making polymer clay beads/charms for about 2 weeks and here are my 2nd lot of bits that i've made. The picture in the top r/hand side was inspired by the Pandora bead brackets. I made them bigger then the Pandora beads but you get my drift. I chose to keep to 4 colours which as you can see was blue, pink black and white. I think the colours together look really nice, each colour brings out the other colours. My favourite bead is the stripy one because I like the texture of it. Im hoping to get a chain bracelet to put it onto because for whatever reason I dont have one. I also made some simple square beads, I just though having them cubed shape would be a bit different and cute. Because all the colours and bright and bold they work well. I've put them all onto a bit of elastic to make a elastic bracelet which looks quite pretty. My next polymer clay creation was the pendant, this one is actually a gift for my auntie. It was inspired by henna as you can hopefully see. You cant see in the picture but I mixed orange and red to create a subtle marbling effect which turned out quite nice. Considering I had to handle thing pieces of clay it has turned out lovely. And last of all is my moustache ring, I LOVE these rings but can't seem to find them in the shops so I made one myself. I made this one 3 times because it didn't look right and finally it came out just right. I love how my moustache ring has turned out its so cute and quirky, I cant wait to show my friends at school.
Making polymer clay charms has been really fun and great for if you have a lot of time on your hands. Its also soo easy to do and there's lots of video tutorials on the internet. I am hoping to make a 'Alice and wonderland' inspired necklace/bracelet with lots of charms on it, I think that will be cute with miniature teapots and cards.
So what do you think? Is there a craft that you do?

NOTE: if anyone knows anyone into jewellery making who would trade some bits and bobs for jump rings,I have loads from fashion and wants to do some sort of trade. Get in touch 

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