Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Potassium Alum Crystal Deodorant Stone

Do you have problems with smelling under the arms?
If you do then you must read this post. Not going to lie this is going to be a bit embarrassing for me to write about but i've got the courage to write about it as it will help other people.
At a fete I went to a year or two back they had this natural products stall and my mum saw this deodorant stick. It is basically a natural crystal/stone that stops you from smelling. My mum asked the woman at the stall about it and she said it is a deodorant that stops the smelling no matter how bad. I had the problem with smelling so my mum bought the stone for me to try out. Unlike normal deodorant this sticks prevents the smell of sweat for a day or two. When I finish my showers before I dry off I just rub the stick under my arms and thats it. I do this everyday but apparently you can do this every couple of days. Usually my mum would tell me I smell a bit and no matter who that comes from its embarrassing but using this stick has worked wonders. I dont smell at all and I dont need to use deodorant which saves a bit of money. Talking of money I'm pretty sure my mum bough the stick for a couple of pounds and if im not mistaken I got it some time last year if not the end of the year before that but anyway's Its going to last me a couple more years if so more. After all its just a few wipes under the arms and you're done.
I did a bit of research if you're interested and found out how exactly it works:

"Potassium alum is soluble in water.  When the stone is wet or applied to wet skin, it leaves a thin layer of crystal deposits on the skin.  
The crystal does not prevent the body to sweat and does not impair or constrict the sweat glands. 
Potassium alum is an anti-mocrobial and anti-septic that will inhibits the growth of the bacteria living on the surface of the skin and therefore the unpleasant odour that comes with it.   The crystal effectively prevents odour to develop and does not just mask it.
The crystal is odourless, non-sticky, non-staining and hypoallergenic. 
It also has vaso-constritive / astringent properties and can be used after shaving. It will effectiviely reduce bleeding in minor cuts and abrasions and soothe irritated skin after the removal of body hair."
I have used a couple of deodorants, a roll-on deodorant thing but this is the best I have used. My mum went and bout one for everyone in my family. Everything about this product is fab, it has helped me and I hope I have helped someone else out. You'll save so much money as this will literally last you ages. I no longer need to feel embarrassed thinking I smell. Of-course I'm not sure how well this will work for someone who does a lot of sport It depends on the person but for me its fantastic. My mum got the other sticks in an Islamic shop, im sure if you ask for a crystal/stone deodorant they will know what your on about. They dont sell this at my chemist but its definitely worth a look. The prices vary online so have a look. If you have any questions please comment below I will try my hardest to answer them or you can do a bit of research and type the name into a search engine and have a read. 
Have you tried this before? Has this post interested you? 


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