Wednesday, 27 June 2012



So today I read that I had two days left to enter an amazing competition. The competition was to put together 7 outfits for 7 days with a dress from new look. So I came home from school and got styling which was really fun. Just in case you want to know the site I used to put the outfit together was polyvore which is amazing and easy to use. There wasnt really a theme or particular style for the weeks outfit but probably I'd say there were cute, pretty and fun. My favourite outfit is Monday as its really cute and quirky with the carousel horse print. If I won this competition I would just be forever smiling but making them up was fun anyway. What is your favourite day outfit?

For more info on the competition click here:
To get details on the outfits click here:


  1. love saturday! :)

  2. Love you choice for tuesday! :D - Plus the collages themselves look AMAZING! :) I'll have to check out this polyvore... (I fail at computer stuff - which is why my entry too about 2 weeks to finish haha) Good luck in the competition! :) xx