Monday, 11 June 2012

Graduate Fashion Week Goodies

The actual event: Today I went graduate fashion week, its basically a week event were lots of different  universities from the UK mostly go and show of their best work. Some people might think fashion as just being the dress making but there are many further branches of courses to choose from. One of my favourite courses was the printing one as recently my school has been blessed with a big digital printer where it prints a pattern you can  design onto fabric. Also the knitting caught my eye, it was interesting how many designs people made with that technique. All the garments and displays where really interesting. Although some of the garments weren't really wearable the techniques that they used where really cool. A part of the day was the fashion show which was exciting. The fashion on the catwalk wasnt really wearable but some key pieces where like the chiffon shirts and skirts. Really theses pieces were more pieces of art which is still great. There was lots of bright, neon and pastel colours which of course is in this summer. That was basically it really, just you looking at different university's and their work. Although 'London College of Fashion' didn't have an exhibit I enjoyed looking at all the other fashion universities. 

What I got: Obviously at theses events they will have goodies bags filled with cool stuff. The first thing I got which was for free was the bag with the face on it. I really liked the design on it aswell as the fact it was free, you cant really tell but printed on the girls lips was the union jack which was really cute. In the bag was some leaflets and a 'George - Shatter top coat' which is basically nail crackle nail polish, I got 1 but my teacher gave me hers aswell. My first goody bag was £3 and thats the one with the cosmopolitan mag inside as well as: 
- teeth whitening tooth paste
- hand cream
- lip balm
- make-up wipes
- Kleenex wipes
- fake tan glove
- 3 x food
- and of-course cosmopolitan magazine

I also saw that rimmel were doing a goody bag for £10, This was amazing as in the shops I would be able to but 2 items that come up-to about £10 so I saved quite a bit. What I got was:
- eye-shadow
- bronzer
- eye liner
- mascara 
- red lipstick
 - nail varnish

I shall try out all the products and write a review for them, cant wait for the rimmel one as they are quite a big brand.

(Nail Varnish - Pic 4) Overall i've ended up with 3 nail varnish but because I dont use nail varnish I thought i've give it away. However this give-away is only open to those living in the UK. The total of the nail varnish cost around £8 and you can win them. The competition closes on 25th june at 12:00pm.

All you have to do to enter is:

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Leave you email, if you dont feel comfortable leaving your email on here then just email me you name and where you're following me

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  1. Thankyou so much for the giveaway!
    Good luck everyone!
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    Natalie Peploe

    Thankyou again! xxx