Sunday, 10 June 2012

Clinique - Chubby Stick Review

"Chubby Stick: moisturising lip colour balm"

Saturday I was really excited to get this parcel which contained a chubby stick. I heard something going through my letter box and new it was a parcel. I tore the packet open and found this amazing stick. Its a new product from clinique called a chubby stick. And it is what it's described as being, a"moisturising lip colour balm". I'm wearing it now and it does feel like a lip-balm, nice and moisturising. I tried out the 'graped-up' one first just as a  safe shade and I like it. You cant see the colour in a picture but close up it has that natural hint of brown colour. If your someone who wants to try to add a little colour to their lips I do recommend this product. I managed to win this in their daily twitter give-away but this does cost £16.00, a bit pricey but very luxurious. Another pro to this product is the pencil-style applicator which makes it easy to apply to your lips and gives to that control. This product has actually won an Elle Beauty Award and I can understand why. This one that I got is great for that natural look, I would love to try out some of the other shades that they have. They have a few stunning colours from browns to red to pinks. Something that they say about this product is that you can actually create a new colour by mixing them up which is great.

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