Saturday, 16 June 2012

Quick Review

This was a goody-bag pack I bought when I was at graduate fashion week. The goody bag was £10 and contain the 6 items shown in the picture. I knew for a fact that all this was going to cost more than £10 so I got it, it was definitely value for money or more. I went on the website and checked out all the prices and come up with a total of around £32 meaning I saved about £23 which is amazing. I had never bought Rimmel products before so I was a little excited to try out these products. I like how the goody bag was put together as it was a natural pack that everyone could use rather then getting blue eye-liner and bright pink lipstick. I've tried all the products but the nail varnish as I dont wear nail varnish and I'm using as a giveaway
Bronzer: I dont really like wearing powder because I dont really like how it looks also because if you dont get the right shade it can make you look white. However this is a bronzer which gave me a bit of a glow, especially in the sun. I liked this product also because it made my face smooth which I loved. I think this is a product I will buy again.
Eye-liner: I use eye-liner most days so comparing this to my other ones was going to be interesting. It was more or less the same thing you get from all eye-liners, it was black and liquid. Something that made me like this product was actually the tip which was, instead of the really thin tip it was the slightly more thicker one which meant that I could easily do the flick at the end. The only thing is with this one is that when I made a small mistake when applying eye-liner you couldn't really just wipe it off you had to get make up remover if not you'de end up with a black smudge. I guess you could say that thats also a pro of the eye-liner as it will last in wet conditions (not tried so dont take my word, educated guess). Because of the brush I might get this product again.
Lipstick: This lipstick was good, for colour its amazing sometimes you get a red lipstick and it slightly faint but this one was great. It felt good on your lips it didn't make it dry or anything. The tube was quite nice thought it was quite fancy with the lovely shade of purple. 
Mascara: This product was slightly hard to test not because of the product itself but because I have long eyelashes anyway. Just like any good mascara it make it darker and slightly lengthened them. The brush separated the eyelashes to make them look nice. Thats it really, its just a good mascara.
Eye-shadow: This eye-shadow is great for if your starting off with make-up or like to go really natural. It has 3 shades of brown to really get that shadow on your eyes and make them stand out enough to make them seem natural and not to colourful. On the back of the eye-shadow was a diagram of how to apply it which is again great for if your a beginner at make up. I liked this eye-shadow but because I am brown/dark skinned I would personally need a bit of black just to make the eye a but darker. Overall this is a good eye-shadow, this is really good for going out as all you need is in that little container.


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