Thursday, 28 June 2012

One of my favourite fashion designers

Ok so I thought I'd take a look on the vogue website to check out the new collections and found one of my favourite designers on the start page. The designer that im talking is the Marchesa who designs stunning, elegant gowns (mainly). She creates stunning gowns that have been seen on the red-carpet several times. In three words I would describe her collections as elegant, pretty and glamorous. Her Pre spring/summer 2013 collection did not let me down but just made me love her as a designer more. Her gowns that she designer are either simply decorated or designed with exquisite fabric manipulation (Guessing your not all fashion students that basically means just creating textures and shapes just by using the fabric itself). She doesn't need to put a lot into the design to create something so beautiful. If I won the lottery she would be the first designer I would purchase something from, her garments are so stunning.

From her pre spring/summer 2013 collection these are the 5 that are my favourite. They are all really glamorous and really pretty. 
1. The first dress I liked just because it was filled with with embroidery and beads but it an elegant way. The detail is just in that rather than the shape of the dress. The chiffon and nude colour lining creates, to me a fairy tale like dress as if the beads are actually on her. This is a dress that I would love to wear down the red carpet. 
2. This is the first dress in the collection that I saw and I liked how pretty and sophisticated it was. This is something that someone young like me could wear. Its the one shoulder shape that gives it that youthful and slightly fun look to it. I also think the laser cut detail is just stunning. If you zoom in on the website you can see the laser cut fabric even better. Again the detail is in just that laser cut layering which is stunning. 
3. This is a dress that looks at fabric manipulation. The detail is in the way the fabric is folded and also layered to create that fishtail skirt. There is no beads or embroidery on this dress, its just some fabric thats been placed to look elegant. This looks like a dress that seems as it makes you feel like your floating. The sleeves are also very lovely and princess-like.
4. This is another laser-cut garment that I just love. Having the laser-cut top over the black dress emphasises the stunning pattern. Having the top also outlined in black against the white makes it really stand out from a far. I also like this garment because of the way the top goes in at the waist and back out. It creates that glamorous and smart look. I would love to create something similar inspired by this as it just looks stunning and something thats taken ages.
5. This is a dress that has just that bit of decoration to make it very beautiful. I love mix of the gold and silver which makes it look so much more expensive. The top is also layered on the skirt to give it that Greek- goddess feel which is stunning.

So thats just a little bit of 1 of my favourite fashion designers, what do you think of Marchesa. Who's your favourite fashion designer?
 To see the whole collection click here:


  1. these dresses are beautiful! lovely post :) x

  2. All of these dresses are gorgeous! The first and last one are my favourites! x