Sunday, 17 June 2012

Amy Child's Collection

Months ago Amy Child's had her own reality television series called "Its All about Amy" which I got loved. I have never seen "The only was is Essex" but there was something fun and bubbly about Amy, also I guess I was interested in how she actually lives her life. Throughout the series I would see her in some really nice dresses, they were cute and sophisticated. She is a really pretty girl and so its nice that she does dress is a nice and sophisticated style rather then the bright shiny dresses all the time. She's had her collection out for a bit I think and I really like what's on there. The 4 pictures on top are my top favourites from the collection. As you can tell in the collections you'll find cute, pretty and sophisticated. If you look on her website you'll see that all the garments are named which I think is really sweet.

Audrey (Tan coloured dress): This was the first dress I liked and why I like it is because of the shape. It goes in at the waist and goes out to give you that glamorous hour-glass figure. This is something that I would wear to work because its smart, simple and elegant. I also really like that colour of the dress its quite subtle. On the web-page it gave the tip of swapping the thin belt with a thick waist belt to create a 'perfect party dress' which I totally agree with. {£60.00}

Marilyn (White with black underskirt): This dress is really classic and really cute. This is something you can dress up or dress down as its in a style of a skater dress. What makes this dress a bit more fun and girly is the peeping net underskirt to give it that shape. I like the choice of it being black as it stands out and still looks classic. I think its quite obvious why this dress is called Marilyn, dont you. {£55.00}

Mila (Cheetah print) : Sometimes wearing cheetah print garments can be really wrong but in this case its a definitely big yes. This dress has a nice shape so having the cheetah print is nice. This shape of the dress again in really cute and classic with the sweetheart neckline and belted waist. This is another classic dress that you can dress up or dress down. This would looks glamours with some gold accessories and platform shoes. {£45.00}

Dip Back Vest(white top): Having a garment with a short front and a long back is being seen a lot now which is a really nice look. Here its seen in a top which I think is really cool. Because the top is asymmetric you can  have it styled for several different look. I can see this working on the beach but also working with leather pants/leggings to get that rock which look. {£28.00}


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