Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Henna Review

'Al Qamar - Cone Henna Paste'

Wet henna

After taking the dried bits off

I have been waiting all day for this post, as you can see its of henna. First things you need to know is that the brand is called "Al Qamar - Cone Henna Paste". My Nan actually tried it first on her nails and it was so good that she went and bought the hand henna. The price I got it at was 99p which is amazing especially as the product is fab. Usually the henna would come in this plastic wrapper cone which sometimes made it hard to get the henna out but this one is like a toothbrush tube with a point at the end. The point of where the henna comes out is 1mm, it may seem tiny but its a pretty good size/thickness. The henna came out perfectly there was no liquid residue that you sometimes get which causes a bit of a mess. It was easy to use, I didn't have to press so hard for the henna to come out. The design took me around 20 minutes, im not amazing at it but I can do the simple-ish designs whilst looking at something. I took the dried henna off after about 5 hours, but it still come out fairly dark after 2-3 hour (from where it god a bit smudged). Even when the henna was still wet I was still on the laptop doing my thing really, so you dont actually have to sit around for 5 hours but I guess it does help. Taking it off I was surprised at how dark it came out, the closest I can describe is like a burnt red-orange. Sometimes the henna I get come out kinda orange, I dont mind it but the brownish colour looks fab. I've used a couple of henna brands but this has to be the best henna I have ever used, to the actual tube to the colour. The only con of this is that if you do smudge it or get little bits on your hands it does go that orange colour, I guess that shows how quick it works but still. I've got little bits or henna on my fingers but its not where you can see it. 

They'll might also be sold in Indian shops, you'll just have to ask around. I looked and found the product on eBay: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AL-QAMAR-MEHNDI-/270957275169?pt=UK_Health_Beauty_Tattoos_BodyArt_SM&hash=item3f164fe821#ht_2649wt_340

Hope you like my post, so do you like henna?

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