Monday, 4 June 2012

A go at nail designing


So this morning I spent 30 minutes on a nail art blog and I thought it was really cool how someone could take a drawing/image/design and put it onto nails. I wanted to have a go at designing a set of nails and here they are. I couldn't think of a set of designs straight away so I searched for some inspiration. I found this picture of drawn flowers. I choose that picture as there was loads of little bit to focus on, also there were parts that were pretty simple to draw. The image was black and white so for my set of designs I wanted to add some colour, which I think worked well. They are a simple design but this is my first set. Out of all of them I think my favourite one is the purple one, I like how a part of the nail is purple and then the picture of the flower goes on top so only a bit has that colour. I enjoyed doing these I will definitely be designing some more. Maybe you could send me some pictures that you think I could get inspiration from, or maybe something just to challenge me. So tell me what do you think.


  1. This is gorgeous :) I'll defenitly try to do this on my nails. Thank you very much. xx

    1. Thank you, if you do let me know :) xx